The Biden administration and far-left prosecutors in New York and Atlanta are using the justice system to target political opponents. Donald Trump is the most prominent example, but the left is taking aim at conservatives across the board – often over perfectly legal speech and conduct. The goal is to chill conservative speech and activism and to prevent us from speaking out about what the left is doing to our nation.

Former Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis is among the 19 people charged in Atlanta. She promises a vigorous defense in court but she warns that the left isn’t all that worried about winning these cases because gobbling up the time and financial resources of conservative defendants is a victory for them as well.

Ellis also addresses being denied funds for her legal defense by Save America PAC because of her decision to support Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2024 instead of President Trump. She explains why her preference for a different candidate in a different election should not change the fact that these charges are connected to her work for Trump. But Ellis also has a strong message for Gov. DeSantis.

Don’t miss this story of a corrupt prosecution that not only endangers the freedoms of Ellis and her former colleagues but threatens to irreparably damage the justice system that helps to hold our society together.

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