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  1. Eugene Kriegsmann Member

    I have not listened to this podcast yet, but I have read Jim Geraghty this morning and read Powerline Blog as well in the topic. I am very disappointed the hear that Jenna Ellis has allowed herself to hook her hopes to the circus wagon that Sidney Powell and Rudy Guilliani are pulling. The court filings, according to Geraghty, do not contain any of the “evidence” claimed by the team in their press conference. Tucker Carlson has also questioned this absence. Just because Adam Schiff was able to build a career lying for four years about the Trump administration’s relationship with Russia doesn’t mean that conservatives should grant the same kind of creds to this team of scheister lawyers for the Trump campaign. Guilliani, I have never trusted, but Ellis and Powell have definitely taken a nose dive in my opinion in this situation. Creating “fake news” to counter fake news is not a conservative value, or, at least, it wasn’t when I joined the cause.

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    • November 20, 2020, at 8:05 AM PST
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