The left would love to take away your most cherished constitutional rights. And they’re openly trying to do it. They call free speech dangerous “misinformation” that they must limit. They call free expression of faith “hate speech.” And now we have the governor of New Mexico putting a “temporary pause” on Second Amendment rights in her state. Meanwhile, the left has no interest in enforcing actual law – from our wide open border to the dystopian nightmare in many of our cities. It’s time to demand better!

Sara welcomes former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to address the ongoing Biden administration dereliction of duty in protecting our nation and how that permissive mindset is allowing criminals to assault, steal, and destroy with impunity while law-abiding citizens are forced to stay in their homes to avoid becoming the next victims. Brnovich explains how the decision by Soros-backed prosecutors to ignore nuisance crimes is creating a culture where criminality is accepted instead of condemned.

Sara and Brnovich also chat about their mutual interest in the emerging UFO revelations and what might come next.

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