Freedom is most precious to those who have lost it, and Sara has listened to many stories from those who have escaped repression or have fallen into it. It started long before she was a reporter. She grew up hearing about acts of courage against the communists in Cuba from her own mother. And today, standing up to the power and control of the Chinese Communist Party requires a tremendous amount of bravery.

Sara has visited with the freedom fighters from Hong Kong and beyond. She knows their stories and the courage it takes to stand up to the merciless control of the CCP.

We’ve seen China crush the freedoms of its own people in Hong Kong. It’s now expanding that repression to neighboring counties, and it’s been happening here in the U.S. for a long time too. Major corporations, sports leagues, and Hollywood studios all pathetically grovel before Beijing in order to squeeze every possible dollar out of the Chinese market. Meanwhile, all of those entities refuse to condemn China for its concentration camps against Uighur Muslims, slave labor, or religious persecution. And the Biden administration doesn’t seem serious about confronting any of this behavior either.

Sara also welcomes activist Yoko Ishii to share the story of China literally trying to stamp out the native language in Mongolia, replace it with its own, and imprison those who resist. They also discuss Beijing’s efforts to control other nations, including Japan. And the strategy looks awfully similar to what we’re seeing China do here in the U.S.

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