Are you sick of politicians and the media lying to you yet? In big story after big story, the left and their allies in the press either ignore the facts or gaslight us on the facts. And sometimes there are direct threats to the people bringing the truth to light.

Here are just two examples.

House Republicans are opening an impeachment inquiry into allegations that Joe Biden and members of his family were making millions of dollars as he influenced U.S. policy in Ukraine. Congress also heard stunning testimony recently about what our government knows about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), more commonly known as UFOs.

But instead of admitting those things, the spin, lies, and intimidation are rampant. You see Democrats claim the GOP is considering impeachment simply because Biden’s son has battled addiction. Witnesses at the UAP hearing admitted they’ve received death threats for trying to bring the truth to light.

Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna joins Sara to discuss the work Republicans are really doing, why the left and the media are determined to confuse or straight-up lie to the public, and much more.

Sara and Rep. Luna also discuss the congresswoman’s brand new book, “The Legend of Naranja.”

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