The matter of the Donald Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia have dogged this administration since its very first days. For the first time in public hearings, Congress is digging into the matter. Today, FBI Director Comey revealed that the Trump campaign is under investigation for its Russia ties. Will Democrats “overplay their hand?” Further, President Trump’s chilly meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and some awful job approval polls for the president suggest the White House is having a bad week.

John Podhoretz is out today, so Abe Greenwald and Noah Rothman dissect the day’s developments. Give a listen.

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    Noah, do you know what “solo” means?


    • a performance in which the performer has no partner or associate

    • : something undertaken or done alone

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    • March 20, 2017 at 12:18 pm
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    Amusing how “Conservatives” Rothman and Greenwald can spend the entire podcast bashing all things Trump, and then spend time speculating on the cause of Trump’s low approval ratings ….

    Did you guys ever consider the possibility the Conservative commentariat may be standing in the middle of the of the Republican circular firing squad pontificating as “disinterested outside observers”, thereby influencing public opinion and in turn hurting the chance for Conservative reforms which could be enacted in this Congressional election cycle?

    Conservatives hurting their own Conservative agenda ….. weird how that happens….

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    • March 21, 2017 at 7:35 am
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