The Jackass Whisperers

Have you ever encountered terrible drivers in traffic or jerks online? Have you ever been that terrible driver or online jerk? Scott & Alison Stratten, self-proclaimed Jackass Whisperers and co-authors of the book The Jackass Whisperer, talk to Carol about how to navigate dealing with all of the jerks and jackasses that pop up in life, whether it be at work, online, in the gym, while traveling or elsewhere. They also help you assess when and where you are being a jackass yourself and coping mechanisms for the general jackassery that you encounter every day.

Scott and Alison Stratten are Jackass experts, co-authors of five best-selling business books, co-owners of UnMarketing Inc and co-hosts of not only The UnPodcast, but five children, three dogs and one cat. They also spend their time keynoting around the world.

You can follow Scott on Twitter here, Alison on Twitter here and buy the Jackass Whisperer book here. You can also learn more about their UnMarketing business, UnPodcast, keynotes and more here.

This is our final show for 2019. Until after the New Year, here’s wishing you the best of the season!

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  1. Zed11 Lincoln

    Online jerk? What kind of bulls**t is this oh wait

    (Always good, always appreciated.)

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    • December 18, 2019, at 8:27 AM PST
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