The Homeless Epidemic – What You Don’t Know

Homeless advocate and Founder of Invisible People, Mark Horvath, joins Carol to discuss the homeless epidemic sweeping the U.S. and what is and isn’t working in the fight against homelessness. Mark shares his own story of going from Hollywood producer to homeless, how he bounced back and why he now gives a face and story to the “invisible people” on the street. Mark and Carol talk about the humanitarian and economic rationale for various homeless solutions and Mark also has a plea for innovators in terms of helping to bring new approaches to dealing with this massive and growing domestic homeless problem.

You can follow Mark on Twitter here, follow Invisible People on Twitter here and learn more about the homeless and what you can do to help at Invisible People’s site. You can also learn about housing first as a homeless solution here.

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  1. BeatFeet Member

    I bailed out at about 31 minutes when he said we have to solve racism.  Not buying that.

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  2. Henry Castaigne Member
    Henry Castaigne

    BeatFeet (View Comment):

    I bailed out at about 31 minutes when he said we have to solve racism. Not buying that.

    That is exactly the time I bailed out. Great minds and all that. 

    I was thinking that, Everyone has been racist forever. There is some solid data that America is the least society in the world. The reason Black-Americans are more likely to be homeless than white American is because of family structure. Homeless got way worse for black people after fatherlessness became the norm after the Civil Rights Revolution. 

    But apparently, if more money is directed by Marianne Williamson then we won’t be racist anymore. 

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