Chef Gruel: Government’s Small Business Overreach 

Chef Andrew Gruel, celebrity chef and entrepreneur behind Slapfish Restaurant (with 27 locations throughout the US), joins Carol Roth to talk about his own small business journey and the issues with government overreach before, during and post-COVID. He discusses his pivots away from “units of labor”, why small businesses have a hard time with capital access and government compliance, and his take as a business owner on vaccine passports. They also discuss his fund to help struggling restaurants and restaurant workers during the pandemic that has raised and allocated nearly $400,000. 

Plus, a “Now You Know” on a common cooking myth.

Check out Chef Gruel’s Slapfish restaurants and find a location near you here. You can also support the 86 Restaurant Struggle fund here and connect with him on Twitter @ChefGruel.

Also, please order my recently announced book, The War on Small Business, everywhere, if you haven’t done so it. Check out more information here.

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