Celebrities, Politics and Advocacy Disasters

You may think you know the stories of celebrity good deeds, but many examples of celebrity activism have gone horribly wrong. Dr. Cooper Lawrence, doctorate in the psychological study of celebrity culture, Gracie Award winning radio host, expert on MTV’s latest reboot of True Life and bestselling author of The Cult of Celebrity joins Carol Roth to talk about her upcoming book Celebritocracy: The Misguided Agenda of Celebrity Politics in a Postmodern Democracy.

In addition to covering how well-known celebrity activism programs went awry (e.g. Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation; Live Aid), Cooper and Carol also discuss the rise of conservatism in Hollywood, why we treat celebrities as experts, and how celebrities set the global agenda. Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on dogs!

You can connect with Dr. Cooper Lawrence on Twitter here and you can get her upcoming book here. You can also visit her website here.

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  1. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    I think the worst most disastrous thing that western countries did to the 3rd world (In recent years anyway, that whole colonialism thing didnt go well) was the Child Labor laws… That forced kids out of “good” factory jobs – but because families where still poor, and needed income, forced many children into prostitution.

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