Billion Dollar Whale

Tom Wright, an investigative journalist who spent 20 years at The Wall Street Journal and co-author of Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood and the World, joins Carol Roth to break down this fascinating story, which involves the biggest financial heist in history (somewhere between $6 and $7 billion), politicians, Hollywood celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and banks like Goldman Sachs. Tom and Carol discuss the background of the book, where the main heist perpetrator- Jho Low- is today, how the scam ironically financed The Wolf of Wall Street movie, an update on 1MDB and Malaysia, recent developments for Goldman Sachs and much more in the utterly fascinating interview about one of the most unreal, and unknown stories of the past few years.

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on the 4th most populated country on Earth.

You can connect with Tom on Twitter @TomWrightAsia and be sure to get the Billion Dollar Whale book and look out for the upcoming podcast, Hunting the Whale, to go deeper into the story!

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