A Free Market Approach to Energy

Wayne Winegarden, Ph.D., Senior Fellow of Business and Economics for the Pacific Research Institute joins Carol Roth to discuss a free market approach to energy. He talks about why electric car subsidies help the rich, why overregulation hurts the poor and how Californians could save more than $2,000 a year if lawmakers enacted free market policies. Wayne and Carol talk about California’s rolling blackout problems and why big government is to blame, the big problem with solar energy that nobody is talking about, nuclear power and more.

Plus, a Now You Know segment on the Canary Islands. 

You can connect with Wayne on Twitter @waynewinegarden and check out his piece Legislating Energy Prosperity for the Pacific Research Institute here. 

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  1. DonG (skeptic) Coolidge
    DonG (skeptic)

    Keep in mind that the world spends about 10% of GDP on energy.  The cheaper we make it, the better off we all are. 

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  2. Joe D. Inactive
    Joe D.

    I agree with the hosts idea of a green new deal – “My idea of a green new deal is to let people keep more of their money”.

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  3. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    Great podcast.

    One thing that should be pointed out – that closing a nuclear plant doesnt mitigate the risk that plant poses. (as small as that is) because without a effective program to deal with nuclear waste – all the waste ever produced by that plant is still on site.

    So the state should be using the asset and using the energy that plant should be generating rather than waste it.

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