What Is Truth?

What time is it? Why it’s Mueller time, of course. With the release of the report, we go full Mueller on this week’s show as we enlist Law Talk’s John Yoo to help us with the legal angle, and Byron York (he’s got a podcast too) to guide us through the political ramifications. Also, the fire at Notre Dame and a mediation (really!) on Good Friday.

Music from this week’s show:  Somebody Lied by Ricky Van Shelton

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  1. kedavis Coolidge

    I think Trump is maybe doing even better as president than in business/real estate.  But just for the record, I want to say that I don’t see NOT drinking yourself to death, or NOT dying of a drug overdose, etc, as being major accomplishments in life.

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  2. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    Max Ledoux (View Comment):

    Petty Boozswha (View Comment):

    Trump inherited $500 million of prime NYC real estate in 1977 – the absolute nadir of the New York real estate market. If he had bought a yacht and spent the intervening years partying with Stormy Daniels and friends he should have been worth north of $20 billion. Of all the nitwit statements about Trump the notion he’s somehow an astute businessman and that is a qualification for his “management style” is one of the most galling.

    Trump’s older brother drank himself to death. If you think Trump’s success is solely due to who his father was then I respectfully think you’re wrong.

    Trump’s success isnt from his real estate ventures. Considering the markets he built his business in, New York and Atlantic City, are both especially challenging for real estate development, because of how intrusive and corrupt both cities are. Trump was a pioneer in turning his minor celebrity and fame into a income. He’s not a real estate developer, he’s really a media tycoon.

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