This week, we turn our attentions across the pond and call on the endlessly entertaining and insightful James Delingpole to walk us through the intricacies of today’s elections in Great Britain as only he can. But that’s not all, we also cover the Texas shootings, the latest Presidential aspirants, Brady’s Ball-Ghazi (yes, a rare Ricochet Podcast sports topic), and if you live in Iowa or New Hampshire, Rob Long wants YOU! Do your duty, people.

Music from this week’s episode:

Hateful by The Clash

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EJHill drives on the left.

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  1. user_1065645 Contributor

    Upon discussing Krugmans massive British election misfire, FloppyDisk90 pointed me to James Delingpoles fascinating perspective with you. Great interview… and really appreciate your shout-out re: The Carly Trap post. Thanks Gentlemen!

    Great podcast.

    • #31
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