We recorded this one yesterday in New York City, and due to travel and other issues, we’re posting it now. We talk Trump, the now official Republican nominee, get the inside scoop on that Facebook meeting from our guest Brent Bozell, and a theory about Joe Biden. Yes, Joe Biden. Finally, what’s Peter Robinson’s favorite Bob Dylan lyric? The answer may surprise you (it surprised us). Happy summer, everyone!

Music from this week’s episode:

Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

The brand new opening sequence for the Ricochet Podcast was composed and produced by James Lileks.

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  1. RyanM Member

    Solon:Something now feels off to me when I hear the plug for Ricochet. We are advertising civil, intelligent, right-leaning conversation – in the age of Trump. This website represents the exact opposite of Trump. He violates our CoC with practically every syllable, makes personal attacks, and does not have well-thought-out positions. Now when Rob Long reads the plug for people to join Ricochet, I feel like in a way he’s ignoring the fact that a huge number of right-leaning Americans just gave a big fat ‘no thanks’ to civil, right-leaning conversation. Republicans just nominated a guy who is the opposite of what this website is all about. That should probably be addressed somehow in the advertisements and the way the site is pitched.

    Agreed.  It is an interesting (and depressing) irony.  I’ve heard a lot of calls on this site, of late, to make a choice between the antiquated NRO model of conservatism and getting on board the Trump train – the argument being that because this is a conversation site, it should roll with the times.

    I, for one, hope that we stand athwart, rather than jumping on board.

    • #31
  2. Quinn the Eskimo Member
    Quinn the Eskimo

    RyanM: I, for one, hope that we stand athwart, rather than jumping on board.

    I have a feel it will be a while.  We might as well get some chairs.  And snacks.

    • #32
  3. Chris Bogdan Member
    Chris Bogdan

    Salvatore Padula:I kind of get the impression that Bozell has spent so long as a media watchdog that he’s developed a bit of Stockholm syndrome. Based on the way others who attended the meeting talk about it, his satisfaction with Facebook’s approach is very much a minority view. Either that, or he’s the Jesse Jackson of the right. He doesn’t care about what happens as long as he’s at the table when it does.

    I think Bozell got sandbagged.

    It struck me when he got effusive over Facebook admitting they don’t speak conservative. Yeah? And so what were they going to do? 1. They knew they had a problem on their hands which is why they set up this off-the-record dog and pony show. 2. Denial of their bias would have been ridiculous on the face of it (see #1)  3. They blunted all criticism by taking that arrow out of Bozell’s quiver.

    I don’t trust Facebook and I will never go near it.

    • #33
  4. Fred Houstan Member
    Fred Houstan

    filmklassik: A somewhat higher percentage than usual might be voting for the GOP, but don’t for a minute think it’s anywhere close to a majority.

    That’s tautological, since I’ve linked to a chart that plots the participation rate. That said, so what? There are demographic changes going on in the Jewish vote, namely, the more devout follow the providential call to have children, whereas the left-leaners follow PP’s call to abstain and abort. Some might see opportunity here. Are you suggesting we should discount this because there’s no majority?

    More sadly, it’s moot, since the R’s are now in full-hug the Donald. I can not see why the Jews, or any other non-WASP, should give a damn about an implicitly WASP-identity party.

    • #34
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