Pride and Prejudice

This week, we take a little break from politics to bring you one of our favorite people — writer/director Whit Stillman, who’s new movie Love & Friendship is in theaters now. We talk Jane Austen (the movie is based on Austen’s novella Lady Susan), his writing process, and some of Stillman’s favorite films. Then, Charles C.W. Cooke, newly minted National Review Online Editor (and co-host of the wildly popular Mad Dogs and Englishmen podcast) stops by to discuss the seemingly endless Brexit fallout. Also, Ricochet member Brian Wolf’s Confessions of an #AlmostNeverTrumper … And What Could Make Me Change My Mind makes our podcasters confess what might change their mind.

We’re off next week. Have a great 4th, everyone!

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Living In America by James Brown

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  1. Fred Houstan Member
    Fred Houstan

    ctlaw: Much of the bad things about Trump’s cronyist Democrat past were perfectly valid primary issues. They don’t create reasons to not vote for him in the general election.

    Perhaps one of those sourced stories talked about cronyism. That’s just one point on the constellation #never. Let’s stay on point. Peter would do poorly to waste his time on a candidate who gives a flip about historical conservatism. I provided a easy-to-reference article. You’re avoiding that point.

    Trump’s been the fly at dinner since the mid-80’s, not just a last-summer-only phenomenon, nor do I watch TV, let alone whatever show he was on. I’ve come to know his “character” through the myriad of gossip and nearly-news sources. He’s actually increased my lack of trust for him or whatever “policies” — if he’s even capable — of forming as our chief executive.

    Did we not rue the irrational enthusiasm of ’08? That was a rebuke, not a call to emulate it.

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  2. Brian Wolf Inactive
    Brian Wolf

    Being mentioned on the Flagship podcast was wonderful.

    Thought I think James was a little unfair to my post.  In the post I tried to explain why the normal arguments about Trump being a lesser evil were not true and so were unconvincing.   Then I tried to show the Trumpers how they could convince me.  What evidence would be a game changer.

    Of course Trump is not going to change but at least the Trumpers now know what kind of evidence they need to submit to change minds.   Pointing out that Trump is against free trade and has no decent foreign policy ideas just wont cut it.

    Rob made an excellent point that the Trumpers need to focus on putting more pressure on Trump to actually win the election and not pressure on the Nevertrumpers to throw away their good judgement.

    I think the only two arguments that Trump supporters, for conservatives, have is the depth of the criminal evil of the Democrat party and a sense of tribal loyalty.  If those two things aren’t enough to convince you to vote for Trump there is nothing else that he offers.

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  3. jzdro Member

    filmklassik: Incidentally, that larger-than-life producer Stillman was talking about, Merrion C. Cooper? The guy who was pals with John Ford?

    Many thanks to Mr. Stillman for mentioning Irene Dunne, and also Cooper.

    Merian Cooper was a bomber pilot in the Great War, then founder of the Kosciuszko Brigade of American pilots who fought invading Bolsheviks in the 1919-1920 Polish-Soviet War.

    In 1930 the Poles made a film about Cooper. Apparently Stalin had all the copies destroyed. Have to control the narrative, I guess.

    Anyway, this photo survived and made it to Wikipedia, of Cooper in the uniform of the Polish Air Force.


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  4. jzdro Member

    Titus Techera: She’s a singer–one day, the all-American Ralph Bellamy sings Home on the range. She wants to harmonize with him–he’s unused to such sophisticated music, so he rejects it. There’s a joke about home & about his range there. Cary Grant at least does admire her superior achievement. Of course, Irene Dunne really was a superb singer, so that helps…

    Thanks, Titus. It is clever and delightful, and she was indeed a superb singer. The opera elite rejected her for some reason, right? Well, ha ha on the opera elite.

    • #34
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