Here’s the audio of our live election night podcast. It was a thrilling, memorable night, and we covered it ably with help from James Lileks, Peter Robinson, Troy Senik, Rob Long, Jon Gabriel, Tom Meyer, Paul Rahe, Bill Whalen, Heather Higgins, Rick Wilson, and Dave Carter. There are some less than polished moments in the show, but we kept them in to give keep the live feel.

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  1. Peabody Here Member
    Peabody Here

    James, I believe I saw you and spoke to you at your one and only (apparently unpleasant) visit to NH (it was at the NO event a few years ago). You’re still welcome back despite your snark about my state. By the way I am confused by the way NH votes too. It is not the same state I moved to 10 years ago.

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  2. Western Chauvinist Member
    Western Chauvinist

    Peabody Here:James, I believe I saw you and spoke to you at your one and only (apparently unpleasant) visit to NH (it was at the NO event a few years ago).You’re still welcome back despite your snark about my state.By the way I am confused by the way NH votes too.It is not the same state I moved to 10 years ago.

    Too many MA-transplants fleeing high taxes. We’ve had the same problem in Colorado with Californians.

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  3. user_477123 Member

    I always thought of NH as a libertararian state, “live free or die.” I thought it was fairly red. What happened to turn it blue? It is not like their was a big demographic shift. And if there are former Massachusetts residents fleeing high taxes, why would they vote in politicians that will implement similar policies?

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  4. Peabody Here Member
    Peabody Here

    Peter, it is not easy to understand or explain. Some say it is the influx of Massachusetts people who lave liberal leanings even if Republicans. I found that Live Free Or Die is more a slogan than reality. NH actually goes farther than Mass on some regulations such as the car inspection emissions test, the brand new driving with cell phone law and the state run liquor stores. It could also be the perennially disgruntled libertarian factions in the state (free staters, tea partiers (no disrespect to tea partiers–I consider myself a tea party sympathizer)) that are militant at times and as a result party infighting is a problem.

    By the way, I meant to type I met James (and Rob and Jonah) at an NRO event. Stupid autocorrect.

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  5. Grendel Member

    I wish Robinson and others would stop using “tour of duty” to refer to an overseas military assignment.  It is to me almost as grating as “boots on the ground”.  “Tour of Duty” is the name of a TV show about Vietnam.  I have three overseas stripes for Vietnam and I never heard “tour of duty”.  Soldiers go on assignment, do a hitch, are deployed.  Lifers now-a-days often use the somewhat bureaucratic “PCS” (“permanent change of station”) as both a verb and a noun.  I’m sure current service members can amend and expand on this.

    Tom Cotton, by the way, according to Wikipedia, served six months as an infantry platoon leader in Iraq and 9 months in Afghanistan as the operations officer of a Provincial Reconstruction Team.  Hats off to him.

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  6. Member

    Fun to listen to this delayed broadcast and hear the agonizing over the impending Senate losses of Tillis and Roberts.

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  7. user_138562 Moderator

    I just finished listening this morning.  James Lileks, as usual, shows amazing chops as a Master of Ceremonies.  Rob, however . . . Please, Rob, tell me you don’t really see Michael Bloomberg as a legitimate face of the Republican Party.  It’s not just the nannyism of his proposed ban on large sodas.  Bloomberg is putting many millions of dollars into gun control campaigns across the nation.  Do you think Republicans across the country would endorse Bloomberg’s stop-and-frisk policy?  I don’t.  Being “funny looking” in the eyes of a cop does not constitute probable cause.  Bloomberg was a Democrat until he decided to run for office.  He saw that the field was crowded with Democratic candidates, so he decided to call himself a Republican for a few years, before announcing that he’s an independent.

    Sorry for the rant, and I don’t want to come off as a purist who thinks that someone must agree with me on all issues to be called a Republican, but Michael Bloomberg is no more a Republican than Bill Clinton is.

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