Wrasslin Bear

This week, Lileks returns and we’re all about borders — both our own and the ones in Eastern Europe. We’re joined by Russian expert Yuri Yarim-Agaev, who gives some remarkable insight into the downing of the Malaysian Air 777. Then, the Center for Immigration Studies’ Mark Krikorian joins to discuss the ongoing disaster unfolding on the border with Mexico. Also, Lileks abroad and welcome our newest sponsor, Harry’s Shave.

Music from this week’s’ episode:

Border Radio by The Blasters

The opening sequence for the Ricochet Podcast was composed and produced by James Lileks. 

In Russia, hosts Photoshop EJHill.

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  1. user_19985 Thatcher

    I’m giving Harry’s a try.  Just ordered the Winston set.  I’ve been using that “other” online shaving retailer for a couple years.  Occasionally, it seems like the razors are not the best.  It’ll be good to try something else for awhile.  Competition is a good thing.

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  2. SoDakCon Inactive

    Was it in this podcast that James mentioned a typeface he particularly liked?  I don’t even remember the context.  Anyone remember what the name of the typeface was?

    • #32
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