A Kerfuffle or a Brouhaha?

Don’t matter what you call it. Ricochetti are a passionate bunch, and sometimes the fighting spirit takes over. Our first guests are Andrew Gutmann (hosts of the essential Take Back Our Schools podcast) and Ricochet member Michele Kerr who’s had some strong criticisms of the fellas’ takes on public education over the years. For those of you who like a little scrappiness on the flagship podcast: this one’s for you!

Next we bring on our favorite doctor (the kind that doesn’t ask if the bruises are Covid related), Jay Bhattacharya! He explains how he became known as a fringey pseudoscientific quack and the ins and outs of Covid’s last gasp.

With Peter out, James and Rob steer the ship through a Musk-y hostile takeover, NYC’s newest madman and the latest in Ukraine. And mark your calendars so you can join Rob for the America’s Future pub crawl on May 14th! Members only: so sign up today!

Music from this week’s podcast: Adult Education by Hall and Oates

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  1. Lois Lane Coolidge
    Lois Lane

    I think this conversation has pretty much played out, but I did think of this thread when listening to the latest episode of National Review’s Radio Free California podcast as there is an interview with a guy running for a non-partisan post to run California’s schools. 

    I thought it was very interesting and speaks to a lot of what’s happening in that particular state. 

    That interview starts around 1:03:05, so just go there if focused on education.  

    If the link doesn’t work, you can access that podcast for free from the National Review website.  The episode is Lithium Valley of the Dolls per discussions about energy policy that precede the education interview.  

    One thing that struck me was the % of California’s budget that goes into education.  

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  2. EHerring Coolidge

    It is played out but there were several good points in Michele’s comments that were hidden or overlooked because of her approach to responding to our comments. I suggest folks mine her comments for these ideas.

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