Jonah’s had a long week, so grab an Irish whiskey (so long as it’s not Bushmills) and join him for some ruminating punditry on the tactical errors being made by conservative advocacy groups, “Cancel Rent” insanity, “Plandemic” insanity, and additional flavors of insanity. Also, Jameson, if you’re reading this, call us.

Show Notes:

The glories of Jameson Caskmates

The most recent G-File

The (underrated) Tyranny of Cliches

Plandemic movie picking up speed

Our episode on conspiracy theories, with Joe Uscinski

Obama floats a falsehood about Rutherford B. Hayes

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  1. Al Sparks Thatcher

    I was a little delayed on listening to this one, and really didn’t finish it.

    So Jonah was deploring white identity politics, and that it’s becoming more and more popular. He brings up the VDare website, etc.

    He then mentions that he is an agreement, or at least is ok with journalists capitalizing Black in their articles, but not white (when referring to the race).

    I’m not comfortable with whites being Whites either, but I’ve always seen the other racial groups in the same way. I’m against all identity politics, but it seems like identity politics is interested in me.

    As for Jonah’s being comfortable with Blacks and whites, it’s exactly that attitude that’s driving white/White identity politics. He’s not as bad as the white protesters who are kneeling to Blacks, but it’s just a matter of degree.

    My middle ground is for whites/Whites to stand up for ourselves without going the White Power route. And that especially goes for criticizing self hating white journalists who have decided to capitalize everything but white.

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    • August 11, 2020, at 5:46 PM PDT
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