David French joins the Five-Timer’s Club on this edition of The Remnant. The conversation has just about the widest scope possible, including everything from end times prophecy, to Protestantism versus Restorationism, to methods for surviving the zombie apocalypse, to the blessed Snyder cut.


Show Notes:

David’s newsletter, The French Press

David’s podcast with Sarah Isgur

David, supposedly “breathing on the embers” of #BelieveAllWomen

The (very involved) eschatology of Assemblies of God

The Left Behind novel series

The Restoration Movement

The timelines of pre-and-post-millennialism

The Late, Great Planet Earth

Albrecht Durer’s fascinating series of Revelation woodcuts, Apocalypse

Best places to be in a zombie apocalypse

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  1. TerryS Member

    An interesting podcast, as usual, until Trump takes center stage.

    Then we have two smart people who believe Trump is an existential threat and so should be thrown out of office complaining about people who voted for Trump because they thought we were in an existential crisis.

    Almost as dumb as their belief that conservatives have been moving from victory to victory since Reagan.

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    • May 22, 2020, at 11:22 AM PDT
  2. Joe D. Lincoln

    Man, the link to that tweet should have been here. The link in the NYT article is a link to the parent tweet, not David’s tweet, and David’s tweet seems to be hard to find.

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    • May 26, 2020, at 6:36 AM PDT
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  3. Charlotte Member
    CharlotteJoined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member

    This was really interesting, and a welcome respite from day-to-day politics. I agree with David about Mrs. America – it’s well done and not as one-sided as you’d expect. The Schlafly position is very fairly presented and the acting, costumes, etc. are superb.

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    • June 7, 2020, at 8:04 AM PDT
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