Your thoughts and prayers just make me angrier, GOP Senators. Take one or two or three tiny, tiny steps forward toward reducing the scourge of mass casualty gun violence in America. Background checks don’t hurt lawful gun owners, but they might have kept guns out of the hands of two deranged 21 year olds who murdered 18 innocent people in the last seven days.

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  1. Michael Powell Inactive
    Michael Powell
    @Michael Powell

    I am glad you are saying this. I remember getting roasted on the pyres for saying this back on the conservative site Townhall. The right loves to oppose something up until it’s universally accepted, and then they embrace it like they were always for it.

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  2. JoyceCordi Inactive


    Like you, I’ve been roasted over the coals in print, on the radio, on the podcast and in person.

    Doesn’t matter. 

    We must improve background checks, red flag laws and processes, and at least reduce the magazine size — because we aren’t going to be able to pick up the millions of guns in closets all over America.

    Failure is not an option in this case.


    Thanks for reaching out.


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