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  1. colleenb Member
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    Interesting but I really don’t think, at this point, you can judge President Trump’s actions. I would say, especially, that he cannot be judged v. Woodrow Wilson. I don’t think one can blame Wilson (though he is one of my least favorite presidents) for some of the US actions regarding the Spanish Flu. 

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    • June 1, 2020, at 11:21 AM PDT
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  2. JoyceCordi Coolidge

    Colleen —

    Woodrow Wilson’s policies re: suppression of press and all forms of disagreement with war effort clearly made a bad situation worse.

    The fact is that the earliest mid-western state cases of the disease were relatively mild and non-lethal. It was Wilson’s insistence on continuous drafts and packing soldier, sailors etc… into tight quarters (against the advice of his Surgeon General) that started the second and more lethal wave.

    The flu actually began in transmission from pigs in US Midwest.

    It is called the Spanish Flu because Spain was neutral and did not suppress press accounts when the disease first broke out in Spain in 1918.

    The worst East Coast cases occurred after Wilson’s supporters ignored warnings and carried on with Liberty Bond Rallies.

    Neither Wilson nor Trump caused the outbreaks. But both used suppression and diversion to pretend things were not as bad as they were.

    On the good news front. We now know what a virus is (versus a bacteria) and medicine can do more to blunt the rate of death through earlier intervention.

    Let’s hope for an early therapeutic or vaccine — President has moved on as though the whole thing is done — although experts say the death toll will increase by 50% between June 1 and June 30.

    Sounds a little like Wilson?

    I agree he was a totally rotten, racist human being and he begat us Civil Service with all its protections. Right up there with Buchanan —

    Thanks for your comment



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    • June 8, 2020, at 7:39 PM PDT
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