Roger is joined by the 23rd Governor of the State of Arizona, Doug Ducey, who is also serving as the chair of the Republican Governor’s Association. During his time in office, Governor Ducey has continually cut regulations and simplified taxes to stimulate job creation and economic growth and has also focused on developing dynamic civic education for youth.

Roger and Governor Ducey discuss the future of the Arizonan and American workforce, semiconductor manufacturing and national security, and the future of Republican governors in America.

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  1. Gary Robbins Reagan
    Gary Robbins

    Doug Ducey has been an excellent Arizona Republican Governor.  He has driven the Democrats and press in Arizona crazy.  He said that he would cut spending and taxes, and he came through.

    When he was elected by 12 points in 2014, Doug Ducey was facing a $1 Billion shortfall in the budget.  He was a strong leader, cutting the budget and some 2,700 regulations.  He was able to push through an expansion of the Arizona Supreme Court from 5 Justices to 7 Justices.  Ducey has appointed 6 of the 7 Arizona Supreme Court Justices.  In 2018, Doug Ducey won by 15 points.  Ducey recently shepherded through a tax cut, and he created a $1 Billion budget surplus which is now part of our “Rainy Day Fund.”

    Doug Ducey worked closely with the Trump Administration.  He would make a great Senator, and was even considered for a national position, however since he witnessed the certification of Biden’s election in 2020, Trump has vetoed any electoral future for Ducey.  Doug Ducey would beat current Senator Mark Kelly; I think that Mark Kelly would be favored over the other current Republican Senate Candidates.  What a shame.

    Shades of Georgia where we lost two Senate race runoffs in January 2021, due to Trump having his issues with the 2020 election.  Now we are facing a possible $3.5 Billion expansion of the welfare state with the so-called reconciliation bill.  It didn’t have to be that way; if we had held the Senate, this so-called reconciliation bill would have had no possible chance.

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