In this week’s Reagan Forum podcast we go to our in-person program with conservative talk radio host and bestselling author Michael Medved. Mr. Medved was kind enough to be our first in-person event back in July 2021 after we had been shutdown for 14 months due to COVID. The event was so successful, that he agreed to come back. Michael Medved returned to the Reagan Library just before the Thanksgiving Holiday to discuss “Guilt versus Gratitude” which confronts America’s self-esteem crisis. For all their raging disagreements, the detractors and defenders of the United States share one point of common conviction: that America represents an unprecedented, deeply consequential development in the history of civilization. The core dispute behind our current culture war involves the nature of that uniqueness, and whether America qualifies as exceptionally guilty or exceptionally great. Michael Medved addresses this ferocious debate in the context of his two New York Times bestselling books, THE AMERICAN MIRACLE and THE 10 BIG LIES ABOUT AMERICA.

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