Guests: Mark Moyar, Sally Pipes, Ken Calvert, and Daniel Himebaugh ’04

Host Scot Bertram talks with Mark Moyar, William P. Harris Chair in Military History at Hillsdale College, about his new book Triumph Regained: The Vietnam War, 1965-1968, the second of his planned three-part series on the War. Sally Pipes, President, CEO, and Thomas W. Smith Fellow in Health Care Policy at the Pacific Research Institute, discusses what to expect in 2023 from the health care sector. Ken Calvert, Professor of Ancient History at Hillsdale, takes us back to talk about Cicero, Cato and the defense of the Roman Republic. And Hillsdale grad Daniel Himebaugh ’04 tells us about his experiences at the College and working as Leadership Counsel for the Republican Caucus of the Washington State Senate.

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