TOPICS: Safety in the game of football, the recent book WRATH, drug addiction at the atomic level, & Hillsdale’s Visiting Writers Program

Host Scot Bertram talks with John J. Miller, Director of Hillsdale’s Dow Journalism Program and author of THE BIG SCRUM, discusses changes made to keep the game safe and how President Teddy Roosevelt helped save the sport. Peter Wood, President of the National Association of Scholars, talks about his recent book WRATH: AMERICA ENRAGED. Kelli Kazmier, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Hillsdale, describes drug addiction at the atomic level and shares some of her research. And Dutton Kearney, Associate Professor of English at Hillsdale and director of the school’s Visiting Writers Program, gives us an overview of the project.

John J. Miller (0:51), Peter Wood (12:53), Kelli Kazmier (25:46), and Dutton Kearney (40:50)

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