Manfred Honeck is the music director of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and one of the best conductors in the world. He has been in New York this week, to guest-conduct the Philharmonic. Jay caught up with him for “Q&A.”

They talk about music and the musical life. What does it take to be a conductor? What are the differences, if any, between American orchestras and European ones? (Maestro Honeck is an Austrian and, indeed, a Manfred_Honeckformer member of the Vienna Philharmonic – where his brother is a concertmaster.) What about new music? How about the future of classical music (a much worried-over question)?

Manfred Honeck is enriching to listen to, whether he’s conducting or talking. Enjoy the experience.


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There are 5 comments.

  1. Old Whig Member

    I can’t wait to listen to this interview–good catch, Jay!

    Honeck’s recent Dvorak recordings are magnificent: a beautifully-captured Symphony No. 8 (with his home-town orchestra on Reference Recordings, 2014) and a red-blooded Violin Concerto (with Anne-Sophie Mutter and the Berliners on DG). The orchestral contributions on both are brilliant and one-of-a-kind. There are no better recordings of either piece.

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    • April 6, 2016, at 6:56 AM PDT
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  2. Gromrus Member

    I listened to this in the car and did not catch the composer and piece that Jay referred to as delightful but out of fashion but whom both Jay and the Maestro agreed would outlive its critics. Can someone list the piece and composer?

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    • April 6, 2016, at 10:12 AM PDT
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  3. Pencilvania Inactive

    I had to look it up too, am listening to it now – Poet & Peasant Overture by Franz von Suppé:

    Oh yes, it’s quite familiar, and lovely.

    I love these interviews with musicians! Maestro Honeck is wonderfully humble in describing the conductors he learned from, and the last few minutes, where he talks warmly of the Austrian composers & their folk music – quite endearing.

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    • April 6, 2016, at 12:25 PM PDT
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  4. LC Member

    Pencilvania:I had to look it up too, am listening to it now – Poet & Peasant Overture by Franz von Suppé:

    Oh yes, it’s quite familiar, and lovely.

    That short waltz sounds so pretty.

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    • April 6, 2016, at 6:05 PM PDT
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  5. PHCheese Member

    Mrs.Cheese is dragging me to Pittsburgh on May15 at Heinz Hall to see and hear Honeck conduct Strauss. I get to drag her to a Pirate game at PNC Park to see them play the Cubs the next day.

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    • April 6, 2016, at 8:06 PM PDT
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