Teatime with Toby

Well, you don’t have to drink tea, or anything else, to enjoy this podcast with Toby Young. He is well familiar to Ricochet readers and listeners: the British journalist who was a judge on Top Chef and who is an important education reformer and whose father, a prominent sociologist and politician, coined the term “meritocracy” (which he did not mean in a positive way – far from it).

Jay asks Toby about Labour’s new leader, Jeremy Corbyn. And the Conservative PM, David Cameron. And Boris Johnson. And restaurants. And other things. If you haven’t met him already, you’ll meet one of the most interesting people on either side of the Atlantic. If you HAVE met him, you know what you’re in for, and will relish the conversation.


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  1. Dean Murphy Member
    Dean Murphy

    Isn’t he the “Toby” who appears quite often on “Radio Free Delingpole”?

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  2. Hugh Member


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  3. captainpower Inactive

    Interesting side discussion on meritocracy (a word invented by Toby’s father in his book arguing against it in 1957).

    From the discussion, Toby references the Bell Curve and the idea that smart people have smart children (a concept which seems to be reinforced as we learn more about epigenetics) so over time the classless society divides itself back into classes. More than the Bell Curve, it reminds me of Charles Murray’s book Coming Apart (which I haven’t read).

    It also reminds me of the H.G. Wells concepts from The Time Machine with the Eloi vs Morlocks.

    Here’s a link to Toby’s article:

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  4. captainpower Inactive

    another article referenced in the podcast.

    Jay and Toby both seem to think Michael Gove is pretty great.


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