“Q&A” is a sportscast this time – but it begins with “Game of Thrones,” a topic on America’s mind. Jay’s regular gurus, David French and Vivek Dave, are joined by Sally Jenkins, the renowned columnist for the Washington Post. They talk about the Kentucky Derby – a travesty? NCAA basketball (also a travesty, as well as a joy?). Tiger Woods at the White House. Other athletes at the White House, and NOT at the White House. Baseball and fandom. The NFL draft. And the NBA playoffs, LeBronless as they are. At the end, Jay asks his guests a bonus question: Name a favorite player of yours who is not a star. David, Vivek, and Jay are delighted to have this ringer, this guest star, Sally J.

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  1. JuliaBlaschke Coolidge

    Jay, please come over and be an Astros fan. They are such a great team and so much fun to watch. They put on a display in Mexico over the weekend.

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  2. Charlotte Member

    I dig the sporty Q&As!

    Vivek, is there any chance you might be able to dial down the vocal fry a notch or two? You have such interesting things to say but it’s so distracting…

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  3. TGR9898 Member

    Enjoyed the Podcast, but one note:

    While the Indy 500 is not run in the rain, it is one of the rare exceptions.  Most of the other races in that series (using the same drivers & the same cars) are run in the rain, sometimes with interesting results:


    Even amateur racers are expected to race in the rain – track rentals are extremely expensive & cannot be rescheduled…

    Most sports journalists do not cover or respect AutoRacing, so it’s not surprising that the people on the PodCast wouldn’t know the details…..

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