James Rosebush was chief of staff to Nancy Reagan. And senior advisor to President Reagan. He was now written a book: True Reagan: What Made Ronald Reagan Great and Why It Matters. And he discusses it with Jay. (They’re old friends.)

3b01b3dAmong the questions: Was Nancy a tough boss? How about her clash with Donald Regan? What about astrology? What about political differences with her husband?

And about President Reagan: Was he really friends with anyone, outside of Nancy? What about him and faith? What about the assassination attempt, and his recovery from it? What about his final illness?

The Reagans are an enduringly interesting couple. And Jim Rosebush has significant things to say about them.

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  1. Scott R Member
    Scott R

    Thanks, Jay. Wonderful interview on a tough Sunday morning.

    • #1
  2. Sleepywhiner Inactive

    Jay – I know I give NTK a tough time with all the anti-Trumpism, but, the Q&A podcasts are so fantastic.  I loved the Oslo Freedom Forum series, which should be required listening for every American, and this one was fantastic and paints Reagan as the transformational, fantastic leader he was.  I actually cried.

    It is must listening, and I can’t wait to get the book.

    • #2
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