Hendrik Meijer is the author of a new biography of Arthur Vandenberg, the Michigan senator who led the isolationist wing before World War II and became a key internationalist thereafter. Meijer, too, is a Michigan man. In addition to being a biographer and writer, he is the executive chairman of Meijer, Inc., the chain of stores founded by his grandfather, also named Hendrik Meijer.

Jay (a Michigan man himself) talks to Meijer about Vandenberg, of course, and about issues today that are very much like those confronted by Vandenberg and his peers. He also asks Meijer about another Michigan man: Gerald Ford. Ford was a Grand Rapidian, and so was Vandenberg, and so is Meijer. (Jay is from Ann Arbor.)

A final question: Steve Forbes and Michael Bloomberg ran for political office — why not Hank Meijer? Tune in, for a discussion with a learned and affable man of parts.

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  1. Ambrianne Member

    Arthur Vandenberg‘s mentor in the Senate was William E. Borah of Idaho. I went to Borah High School. Our fight song has the same tune as the University of Michigan. COINCIDENCE? I think not! ;)

    In all seriousness though, thank you for a fascinating topic and podcast. I’m looking forward to buying and reading Mr. Meijer’s book.

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  2. Curt North Inactive
    Curt North

    Ok, so being a Michigan man myself (complete with shopping trips to our local Meijer store), I sort of HAVE to listen to this podcast.  Looking forward to it.

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