No, not the Mafia, although the Mafia certainly is one – any mob that forms in politics and society. Kevin Williamson is the author of a new book: “The Smallest Minority: Independent Thinking in the Age of Mob Politics.” He and his friend Jay talk about this, among other issues, such as conservatism, libertarianism, economics, immigration, cars, music, and novels. You may not like every word – but then, you might. Listen in.

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  1. LukeWVa Listener

    Very bad audio, so I quit listening.

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  2. Blue Yeti Admin
    Blue Yeti

    LukeWVa (View Comment):

    Very bad audio, so I quit listening.

    We’ve uploaded a new version that should be louder. Delete the version you have and download the new one. Apologies.

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  3. Vice-Potentate Inactive

    @57:40 Kevin Williamson hates Hamlet. Too humble maybe?

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  4. SParker Member

    Vice-Potentate (View Comment):

    @57:40 Kevin Williamson hates Hamlet. Too humble maybe?

    How do you get that out of “one of these things is not like the others”?  I feel like there’s a car missing from the train of thought.

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  5. DrR Thatcher

    I am grateful for the surprisingly warm sentiment Kevin and Jay express towards Ayn Rand (barring the literary quality of her books). As a person who left Soviet Union almost 30 years ago I first discovered “Atlas shrugged” shortly after my arrival in the States and was absolutely overwhelmed by AR keen understanding of the system I grew up in and despised for years before I could safely leave my family behind. She had  the most profound insight ever expressed in the immorality of that system. There is one particular aspect of the system function that she understood so incredibly well was the “sanction of the victim” – and it was indeed the sanction of the millions of the victims that gave the system its craved legitimacy. It is the clarity of her thought that I am so grateful for.

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  6. LibertyDefender Member

    Of course when he gets to Trump Jay must go small. If he goes big, it’s impossible to ignore that Trump is winning.

    Yes, Jay, do talk big – about Trump and Putin. Maybe you can explain how Trump bombing the [stuff] out of Putin-backed Syrians who fire on Israeli positions is a bad thing.

    Stay small. It is so much more satisfying for NeverTrumpers.

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  7. Charlotte Member

    Is Kevin doing any public appearances to promote his book? I couldn’t find anything specific in a cursory Google search…

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