Jim Harbaugh is the coach of the University of Michigan football team. He quarterbacked that team, too, in college. Then he went to the NFL, for 14 seasons. After his pro career, he turned to coaching, at both the pro and college levels. (University of San Diego; Stanford; San Francisco 49ers; Michigan.)

He and Jay are old friends, having grown up together. They talk about sports – everything from how to throw a spiral to playing golf with Lee Trevino. They also talk about life and even a little politics.

You will enjoy this leisurely conversation, as Jim and Jay did. 

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  1. Vance Richards Member
    Vance Richards

    I like Harbaugh, was kind of hoping the Jets could bring him back to the NFL.

    Anyway, surprised there aren’t any comments here from Ricochet’s Ohio folks.

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  2. EJHill Podcaster

    Vance Richards: Anyway, surprised there aren’t any comments here from Ricochet’s Ohio folks.

    We like Owen. (As in Owen Five against Ohio State.)

    • #2
  3. WilliamDean Coolidge

    This was great. You’re just not going to get as candid insight on someone as when they talk to an old friend.

    • #3
  4. Patrick McClure, Coffee Achiev… Coolidge
    Patrick McClure, Coffee Achiev…

    Fun interview.

    • #4