If I Had a ’Hammer

Jay has a ‘Hammer, in this “Q&A.” With Dr. Charles Krauthammer, he covers a good bit of terrain. They begin with baseball, and then food. Then they talk about that curse on campus, political correctness. And the “establishment.” (What is it?) And Israel. And Syria. And Obama. And Hillary. And global warming. And the future of America. (Is decline a choice? Yes. A bad one? Most definitely.)

Charles Krauthammer will lift your spirits, even if his topic is on the grim side. Hailing him, Jay paraphrases the old GE slogan: “You bring good things to life.”

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There are 8 comments.

  1. Duane Oyen Member

    What? I read here on Ricochet that Dr. Krauthammer is part of the (evil GOP) Establishment! How can we listen to him?

    (laugh emoticon)

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    • December 31, 2015, at 9:42 AM PST
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  2. Profile Photo Member

    Hate to ask, since it’s probably been answered before, but what’s the Intro music? Sounds American-ish, 20th century. Thanks!

    PS – took me a while to figure out Fingal’s Cave by Mendelssohn on the Classicist podcast, now that music’s changed.

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    • December 31, 2015, at 1:47 PM PST
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  3. Dick from Brooklyn Thatcher

    Jay – thanks for another great interview. Dr. K. is now right about everything, having modified his position on the DH. BTW – now that you are a New Yorker – do you follow the Mets or the Yanks?

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    • December 31, 2015, at 4:03 PM PST
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  4. GirlWithAPearl Inactive

    One of the best conversations ever! Around the 17:29 mark is this great passage by Krauthammer, speaking about Führer ‘Thrump’ [my title]:

    Trump’s ideology essentially is: political ideas don’t matter…. my ideas will come from wherever they come from, instantaneously (and they’re more eruptions than ideas), but the key thing you want in me is a leader… I will lead, I will do…. constitutional niceties he never even mentions, doesn’t care about them… so he’s sort of anti-constitutional, it’s quite authoritarian at its essence. He has no policy proposals of any substance…. it’s simply: elect me and I’ll be the greatest job creation president ever, I will defeat ISIS – how? well it’s a secret, I don’t want to tell, it’s just between you and me… but it’s basically a worship of authoritarian leadership. And that, to me, is extremely anti-constitutional and contradictory to the very essence of Tea Partyism […] it certainly does not represent the anti-establishmentarianism that characterized the Tea Party when it first arose.

    Or to put it more succinctly in skywriting over the Rose Bowl:


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    • January 2, 2016, at 6:50 AM PST
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  5. ParisParamus Member

    I’m now somewhat confused how CK distinguishes climate change skeptics and climate change deniers. Just me, or was the distinction blurred?

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    • January 3, 2016, at 6:52 AM PST
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  6. rod Member

    I think Jay is a sycophant. Dr. Krauthammer has never been accused of being a comedian so I don’t know why Jay has to force himself to laugh at unfunny comments.

    [Editors’ Note: Please refer to the CoC.]

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    • January 3, 2016, at 4:39 PM PST
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  7. GirlWithAPearl Inactive

    rod: I think Jay is a sycophant. Dr. Krauthammer has never been accused of being a comedian so I don’t know why Jay has to force himself to laugh at unfunny comments.

    I think you’re a turd. Are you trying to be a comedian? Are you trying to choke your dog in that photo?

    [Editors’ Note: The best response to a CoC violation does not another CoC violation.]

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    • January 4, 2016, at 6:55 PM PST
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  8. Jerry Giordano (Arizona Patrio… Member

    I love the title of this interview.

    Charles the ‘Hammer. I hadn’t seen that one before.

    Does he have a grandson named Charles? I hope so, and will expect Great things from the lad.

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    • January 5, 2016, at 9:56 AM PST
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