Jay has a leisurely, wide-ranging, enriching hour with Daniel Hannan, the writer, columnist, and member of the House of Lords. What’s that all about, by the way? Is the House of Lords a senate? Do they wear wigs? And how about “House of Cards”? Is Westminster anything like that? Hannan and Jay further talk about Peru, where Hannan was born and grew up. A new president has been elected—a real bolshie. How does democracy fare across the world, in this age of pandemic and strongmen? At the end of their conversation, the two talk about Shakespeare, about which Daniel Hannan is authoritative and, as ever, eloquent. You will enjoy this hour—the cast of characters is large (FDR, Churchill, JFK, Macmillan, Reagan, Thatcher, Falstaff, Cleopatra, Bill Clinton, Blair, Boris) and the subjects burning or engrossing, or both. 

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Tommy John


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  1. colleenb Member

    Lovely interview with Mr. Hannan.

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  2. Charlotte Member

    Man do I love me some Daniel Hannan. Many thanks.

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  3. Eitan Lincoln

    Jay, I can forgive all of your Never Trumpism in the past half-decade, but what I absolutely cannot abide is you stealing the oldest Jewish joke in the book (“you’re right”) and attributing it to noted non-fan of the Jews FDR, of all people.

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