George Will once pointed out to George McGovern that he, McGovern, had become a noun, and an ism: “McGovernism.” The same has happened to David French: “David Frenchism.” What is that? French himself discusses it, with Jay. They talk about a slew of things, in a conversation both leisurely and vigorous: Independence Day; Justin Amash and the Republican party; climate change; Antifa and masks; Trump and dictators; Nike and Arizona; Oberlin College and a bakery (it’s always a bakery, isn’t it?); the NBA; Iran; the Tuskegee Airmen … You have a pair of Frenchistas, talking over the world.

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  1. Gary Robbins Reagan

    A great podcast by two of my favorites.

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    • July 6, 2019, at 7:28 PM PDT
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  2. EB Thatcher

    This was an interesting podcast. I haven’t followed David French much, so it was informative to hear from the source.

    Amazingly, Jay did something that I didn’t think was possible. He interrupted his guest more than Peter Robinson does.

    • #2
    • July 7, 2019, at 7:08 AM PDT
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  3. I Walton Member

    Interesting and when on specific subjects sound, but they can’t seem to get their minds around President Trump ( ok, who can?) and that leads them to trash Trump supporters as similar to the violent and stupid left. They can identify the far left that dominates the Democratic party debate, then pretend to point at some equally obtuse right but don’t identify them. What I’m left with is that Trump supporters are just like the trashy left because they support this guy they don’t like. That’s not good enough.

    • #3
    • July 11, 2019, at 11:07 AM PDT
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  4. kylez Member
    kylez Joined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member

    Wondering where the “liberal left”people are.

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    • July 11, 2019, at 11:53 AM PDT
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  5. I Walton Member

    They should listen to The American Mind podcast. 

    • #5
    • July 11, 2019, at 12:53 PM PDT
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