Q&A1400x1400Jay’s guest is Alan Dershowitz, the famed lawyer and Harvard Law prof. His latest book is “The Case Against the Iran Deal: How Can We Stop Iran From Getting Nukes?

alan-dershowitz-1Naturally, Jay talks with him about Iran – and the deal, and Obama, and Chuck Schumer, and Netanyahu, and so on. They also talk about presidential elections, past and present.

Did you know that Ted Cruz was a student of Dershowitz’s? He was. The professor has some interesting things to say about that. He and Jay also talk about O.J. Simpson, anti-Semitism, the Second Amendment, pornography, Cuba, Supreme Court justices, and more – including the loneliness of Dersh’s kind of liberal.

Thousands over the years have paid tuition to hear him. You get him for free.

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  1. ParisParamus Inactive

    Not to sound like a #%*#, but a book on this deal? A book?! Already?

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  2. Al Kennedy Inactive
    Al Kennedy

    Jay, thanks very much for an enlightening and enjoyable interview.

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  3. Indaba Member

    Fantastic interview by a fantastic interviewer, Jay!

    Alan came to Toronto to debate in The Munk Debates which I attended. I was very impressed with his ability to debate his opponents in a calm but devastating manner.

    Listening to Alan describe why he was voting for Obama and Clinton, he listed the separation of Churh and State. I agree with that separation but on Ricochet, religion is so often the justification for arguments on gay marriage and abortion. These arguments are just never going to be heard by others.

    It is too bad that Americans position their political arguments by using religious justification up front. For abortion, once you start to bring in logic about 20 week abortion from the viability of the baby, then you may be able to win the 20 week debate. The problem is that abortion is now muddled with religious justification.

    Same with gay marriage.

    Anyway, Alan is a Canadian conservative for sure and thank you for such  good discussion, Jay. You bring out the honesty and openess in your guests and I look forward to your interviews.

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  4. Jeff Petraska Member
    Jeff Petraska

    Man, this interview was difficult for me and my wife to listen to without wanting to yell at the mp3 player.  The realization that this man was a Harvard law professor makes me cringe.  Some of the stereotypes of conservatives and/or Republicans that Mr. Dershowitz utters in such a casual, drive-by fashion, such as our supposed opposition to the separation of church and state, were jaw-dropping from someone as respected as he.   Also, the notion that the Supreme Court rulings on Obamacare and gay marriage were good because they agree with public opinion…gaaaah!  First, he needs to read more polling data regarding Obamacare, because his notion that Obamacare has majority public support is simply wrong.  Therefore, by his own standard, the Supreme Court decisions on Obamacare were bad, not good.  Second, he utterly transforms the role of the Supreme Court from a decider of Constitutional law to a federal approver of public opinion.  Let him lament the radicalization of the Democratic party all he wants, for it is people like him who bear the responsibility for it by unmooring our government from its documented constitutional foundations in order to “do good”.  I have a feeling that he would still be voting Democratic and lamenting his party’s changes even if conservatives were being shipped off to Havana for social re-education.

    Jay, I give you credit for exercising restraint in your interview.  I would not have been able to do it.

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