NR_Mic5Suleiman Bakhit is a guest of the Oslo Freedom Forum. He is a Jordanian Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.54.20 AMentrepreneur – the son of a prime minister – who has created a line of comic books. His aim is to give young people a sense of heroism apart from bin Laden, Zarqawi, and that crowd. He has been slashed in the face for his troubles. He is an interesting man who has led an interesting life who has interesting things to say – whether one agrees with them or not.

Jay Nordlinger spoke with him in Oslo last week.

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  1. Statistician1 Inactive

    I had to drop out when he started to blame FOX news…

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  2. Majestyk Contributor

    Indeed; casual accusations of “Islamophobia” coming out of a guy who was aggressively cut up by… Muslims, seems to be lacking in self-awareness.

    I would love to see the police report on this alleged beating he absorbed after 9/11 as well. I also love the fact that he swung wildly from “There’s really no Islamic extremism” to “I grew up surrounded by Islamic extremism.”


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  3. user_494971 Contributor

    Eh, not going to complain about this guy. He obviously doesn’t watch Fox, he’s obviously spouting some of the received wisdom that “of course Fox says all Muslims are the enemy all the time.”

    I think Jay’s understated question as to how much Fox he’s actually seen was probably the best tack to take. One would like to take him aside and explain, but you can’t do that in the middle of a podcast.

    Good luck to him and his comic books.

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  4. user_532371 Inactive

    Statistician1:I had to drop out when he started to blame FOX news…

    Maybe you shouldn’t have. At least, I like it when I’m not listening to an echo chamber. This guy was truly fascinating.

    He made a comment that shamers become subhuman when they shame and therefor fair game for destruction by the shamed. He describes this as the rationale used by terrorists in trying to destroy the West.

    You know who this also applies to? Leftists in America engaging in shame games. And WE are the subhuman. We are the hopelessly evil.

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