On Twitter, Claire Berlinski bills herself as a “rootless cosmopolitan.” She has styled her new newsletter “The Cosmopolitan Globalist.” There is such a thing as “owning the insult.” In other words, if they’re going to call you those things anyway … Berlinski is a writer and scholar who specializes in international relations. She has lived in various places and is now in Paris. With Jay, she discusses France, anti-Semitism, the pandemic, free speech, and sundry other issues, most of them controversial. Candid and thoughtful, she is, as Jay says, a breath of fresh air. She is certainly herself, without apology. A very interesting listen. 

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  1. Zafar Member

    What an interesting convo.  A POV that’s somewhat reticent on Ricochet these days. 

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  2. mildlyo Member

    Note to Jay: There are these things called news aggregator websites that serve as a modern substitute for Claire’s practice of reading twelve newspapers a day.

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  3. colleenb Member

    All and all I’d rather listen to Ayaan Hirsi Ali who is truly ‘candid and thoughtful’.   

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  4. Front Seat Cat Member
    Front Seat Cat

    Listening confirmed to me that liberals and conservatives could not be more far apart on everything than at this time.  It’s hard to have a knowledgeable conversation about Americans and what they do, think and feel when you haven’t lived there or even visited in decades. So where does this journalistic research come from – the Internet?

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  5. Zafar Member

    I’m getting a real King Lear vibe here. 

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  6. Front Seat Cat Member
    Front Seat Cat

    Lastly, I want to add a link to something worth reading and considering for both Claire and Jay – thanks:



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  7. Dr.Guido Member

    It is astonishing that someone as bright as Claire B manages to live in such a schizo world. Can she—and Jay?—not see that there is a continuum that must not be ignored? On that continuum we have the NYTimes, which she says is our best newspaper (does the WSJ not make it across the pond?) misrepresent the story about the French police and the Islamist terrorist BUT it’s the same paper that features The 1619 Project…and ridicules the 1776 counterpoint….the SAME paper that day after day after day had the awful Trump not only accused but all but convicted of treason with the Russians? The best ? And anti-Semitic too? Where are the dead Jews at the hands of Trump? It was/is the Biden-Obama-now Harris gang that is overwhelmingly antagonistic to Israel and looks the other way when Palestinian cries are accepted as fact that we and Israel and especially Trump hates…and hates some more?

    Jay and CB have near total hatred for Trump. Fine…BUT please, please PLEASE  confront the enormous cost to the USA and the world in just over a month of Biden…NOT an inch has been gained by the American citizen WHILE the power of The State has grown exponentially and as we sit on the cusp of a $1.9 Trillion orgasm of pork-barrel spending about to pass without a single GOP vote all the #NeverTrumpers can say is that ‘Trump’s gone…and that’s enough”

    PSST–Both Jay and CB whom I liked and like and have for years are almost insufferable snobs.

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