Catalina Serrano is a Colombian and the wife of Andrés Felipe Arias, a minister in the cabinet of President Álvaro Uribe. Arias was, in fact, Uribe’s chosen successor. But Arias was railroaded in the Colombian judicial system. His case is positively Kafkaesque. With his family, he fled to the United States to seek political asylum. He is now in federal detention, scheduled to be extradited.

Jay wrote about all this in a piece called “Asylum Now: The awful case of a splendid man.”

And, in this “Q&A,” he talks with Catalina Serrano. Before the show, Jay remarked, “It’s one thing to read a voice on the page. It’s another thing to hear the voice itself – live and in the flesh, so to speak.” So, this is an opportunity to hear from this brave and exemplary lady.

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