That would be a good name for a show, and it’s a good idea for a show: “Ask Dan” – Dan being Daniel Hannan, the distinguished British writer, and member of the European Parliament. You can ask him virtually anything, and he will give you a good, well-informed answer, beautifully expressed.

This is essentially what Jay does in this “Q&A”: He asks Hannan about Britain and America and some other things. British questions include Brexit, the color of passports, and the Bolshevikation of the Labour party. American questions include – well, guess who? Trump ’n’ Hillary.

How about “some other things”? The Olympics in Rio. And Hannan’s epic tussle with Christiane Amanpour on television.

It’s a joy to hear Dan Hannan give a speech. Or debate, especially in an “epic tussle.” Or field questions. At any rate, enjoy this “Q&A.”

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  1. Petty Boozswha Inactive
    Petty Boozswha

    The EU anthem should be Deutschland uber alles.

    • #1
  2. Freesmith Inactive

    OK, Dan, let’s get down to the essential issue of Western Civilization.

    Where do you stand – Red Sox or Yankees?

    (And don’t give me any of that English Premier League crap.)

    • #2
  3. Grendel Member

    “Back of the queue” isn’t American idiom,  but Obama was speaking to a British audience and he is half-British himself. Maybe he learned it at his father’s knee.

    • #3
  4. Crabby Appleton Inactive
    Crabby Appleton

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Inventing Freedom” and it’s highlighting of what has come to be known as the “Anglosphere”.  Do you think that this valuable human legacy of Anglo-Saxon (read British) constitutional-legal culture can survive the Continental-European-Intellectualization of governments in general and cultures in particular?  Zum beispiel there are SCOTUS justices who actually look to European courts for legal precedent.  How do you see the future of Anglosphere culture(s).

    Sorry if this doesn’t make sense.

    • #4
  5. Matt Bartle Member
    Matt Bartle

    One disagreement with Hannan: as far as Presidential candidates not revering the office and treating it like it was owed them, Obama, yes! Hillary, yes! I don’t see that in Trump.

    • #5
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