pic_nrd_20150622_nordlingerJay’s guest is Zineb El Rhazoui, a Moroccan journalist. She is a reporter for Charlie Hebdo. This is the Parisian magazine – satirical, left-wing, and atheist – that was attacked last January by Islamists. Two brothers named Kouachi massacred twelve Q&A1400x1400people. Rhazoui was not there that day. She was on vacation.

She returned to Charlie Hebdo, for a few reasons. One of them, as she told Jay, was solidarity. “I owe something to my colleagues. I can’t abandon them. It’s my duty as a survivor, I think.”

Islamists are furious that they missed killing Rhazoui last January, and they have vowed to hunt her down until she is dead. Rhazoui lives with a permanent security detail. She rarely sleeps in the same place two nights in a row. She is an extraordinary person living an extraordinary and daunting life. She has important things to say to everyone, no matter what one’s political or religious beliefs.

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  1. Kim K. Inactive
    Kim K.

    I read your piece in NR and this interview is a great companion. Ms. El Rhazoui is incredibly brave. I also appreciated how she put “provocation” in perspective.

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  2. Stu In Tokyo Inactive
    Stu In Tokyo

    What a great and interesting interview, thank you for doing it and a very big thank you to miss Rhazoui.

    What an incredible situation she has been thrust into. The sound quality was just fine, had the real feel of having a conversation in a restaurant.

    Thank you for the interview and may God keep miss Rhazoui’s security detail ever vigilant.


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  3. DubyaC Inactive

    I add my kudos for an outstanding interview with a brave and admirable woman.  God protect her.

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