Peter Wood is the president of the National Association of Scholars. He is also an anthropologist. Jay is an old anthro major. So, they talk anthro major to anthro major, so to speak. What happened to this once-proud field? They also talk about higher education. And lower education. And online education, for college students. Is that a bright prospect? A dim one? Toward the end, Jay asks Mr. Wood what he likes to read, in his off hours. In all, an absorbing conversation with this scholar and gentleman.

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  1. colleenb Member

    I would add that not just ‘being angry’ was considered weak but ‘being emotional’! It was not good. Unfortunately, GENERALLY (I repeat GENERALLY) women are more emotional than men. All of us should be learning to control our emotions instead of the current opposite of celebrating emotions, especially anger. Is this another thing that we can blame on Freud? Thanks for the interview.

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    • January 14, 2019, at 1:07 PM PDT
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