That was the title of Timothy Crouse’s famed book of 1973: “The Boys on the Bus.” It was about reporters covering the 1972 presidential campaign.

This year, Robert Costa, of the Washington Post, is covering the presidential campaign. He is an old friend and colleague of Jay’s, and they discuss the reporting life: What’s it like to cover Hillary, Bernie, the Donald, and them?

What can a person read or watch, to get the straight dope? How much power rests in a reporter’s hands, given the opportunity to slant and make other mischief?

Finally: Will the republic survive? (How’s that for a “mega-question,” as John McLaughlin used to say?)

If you like politics, journalism, and related matters, you’ll like this “Q&A” with Bob ’n’ Jay.

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  1. JR Bohl Inactive
    JR Bohl

    On an outstanding Q&A podcast Jay N. seemed to be channeling my thoughts in his conversation with WaPo’s Bob Costa. I think it’s OK to call him “Bob” after talking with him for 35 minutes. Truly excellent questions (no surprise) that had some unexpected answers. While Mr. Costa (that feels better) was a bit careful in his responses (ironic, given his apt description of Mrs. Clinton’s style), he was thoughtful and thought-provoking.  His obvious respect (affection ?) for Jay and Rich Lowry make it easy for me to say that I’ll be paying closer attention to his work in the future. Speaking of which, I certainly hope his relatively upbeat view of what lies ahead is borne out.

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