That was the title of a column long ago, and for many years – first written by Drew Pearson, then by Jack Anderson: “The Washington Merry-Go-Round.” Robert Costa is a national political reporter for the Washington Post. He is also the moderator of “Washington Week,” a political analyst for NBC News, etc. He and Jay worked together at National Review. Jay asks him what it’s like to have a front-row reporting seat in these exciting political times (exciting for better or worse). They talk about Tuesday night’s elections; President Trump’s relations with the press; the canniness of Mitch McConnell; the canniness of Nancy Pelosi; the flexible nature of Lindsey Graham; the trajectory of Rudy Giuliani; the consistency of John Bolton; the return of Jeff Sessions; the 2020 Democratic presidential field; and more. Jay enjoyed this discussion with a real reportorial pro, and so will you. 

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There are 4 comments.

  1. Franco Member

    Washington Post, fake news brought to you by our taxpayer funded intelligence agencies and Jeff Bezos.

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    • November 7, 2019, at 5:41 PM PST
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  2. DJ EJ Member

    I can’t forget Costa’s appearance on the Ricochet flagship podcast a couple years ago when the Russia hoax investigation was just beginning. He went on and on about seriously investigating evidence of Russia collusion and the Washington Post’s sources (unnamed of course) that were giving them information. We now know those sources are former Obama officials or current holdovers from the Obama administration (perhaps even the “whistleblower” read: leaker or partisan hack was/is one of their sources). I didn’t trust Costa then as the Washington Post published articles on the Russia investigation based solely on unnamed sources (journalistic malpractice), and I certainly don’t trust him now. The fact that Costa never gets tough questions from Ricochet podcast hosts on the Washington Post’s malfeasance is disappointing, and I’ll continue passing on listening to his appearances until that changes.

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    • November 8, 2019, at 3:30 PM PST
  3. Franco Member

    Yes, I vaguely remember that too.

    It’s like these people give each other all kinds of “professional courtesy” and every day is a new day with no consequences.
    CBS fires the ABC whistleblower, it’s a giant protection racket.
    This is why the MSM, as well as boutique Conservative Inc., is dying and losing influence.
    They don’t yet realize the game has changed, both in media and in politics. They aren’t the only voices out there anymore and they suffer by comparison.


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    • November 8, 2019, at 3:49 PM PST
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  4. DJ EJ Member

    It’s like these people give each other all kinds of “professional courtesy” and every day is a new day with no consequences.

    The only consequence is a loss of credibility with the public, and the Washington Post has very little in my opinion.

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    • November 8, 2019, at 6:29 PM PST
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