Kelsey Bolar sits down with Heritage Foundation research fellow and mother of six, Rachel Greszler. Greszler breaks down why a top down, big government paid family leave program would actually hurt women, and why the private sector is better equipped to provide solutions.

“Conservatives, do support paid family leave,” Greszler said. “We want workers to be, mothers to be able to stay home with their children… What we don’t support is a one size fits all government program that tells workers the type of leave they can take and when they can take it.”

We also discuss these topics:

—Fat shaming plates? Macy’s is facing backlash for selling dinner plates that encourage portion control by labeling different portion sizes “mom jeans,” “favorite jeans,” and “skinny jeans.”

—Should women be forced to wax the genitals of a biological man? A Canadian transgender woman has filed 16 complains against beauticians who have refused to perform the service.

—Will Ivanka Trump ever catch a break? Social justice warriors take to the Internet, calling her racist because she bought her 8-year-old daughter a white dog.

—Finally, we crown Samantha Renck, conservative college student, Heritage Foundation summer intern, and creator of the new Millennial Myths Podcast, as our Problematic Woman of the Week.

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