We hear from author and journalist Meghan Daum. She is a columnist for Medium and the author of six books, including The Problem With Everything: My Journey Through the New Culture War. In an enlightening conversation, Daum discusses feminism, social media culture, #MeToo, and more.


We also break down:


—Stanford students protest Ben Shapiro’s visit with a flyer that portrays him as a bug that needs to be exterminated. Students wrote, “We do not protest because we are too sensitive to hear opinions we don’t like. We protest because we are strong enough to defend ourselves.”

—Parents Magazine highlighted a post of a 4-year-old boy holding a sign that reads, “Some men have periods too.”

—We crown Nikki Haley as our Problematic Woman of the week and discuss her new book With All Do Respect: Defending America with Grit and Grace.

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