There are many anti-Big Tech activists and politicians who want to heavily regulate or dismantle companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook. They fear that these companies have become too big and too powerful, often even referring to these companies as ‘monopolies.’ But maybe this isn’t a fair characterization. Perhaps these Big Tech companies need to offer far more value to consumers than monopolies particularly do, because they are all in competition with each other. That is the argument put forward by today’s guest, Nicolas Petit.

Nicolas is a professor of competition law at both the European University Institute and the College of Europe in Burges. He is the author of the recently released book, Big Tech and the Digital Economy: The Moligopoly Scenario.

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  1. Joe D. Lincoln
    Joe D.

    I think a common sense rule would be something like – no acquisitions once a company has annual revenues of maybe 50 billion – at that point all growth would have to be organic. I might prefer to use the bottom line, but there seem to be so many ways to mask earnings so it probably has to be the top line.

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