Welcome to our newest podcast, The Future of The Right, hosted by Ben Domenech. On each episode, Ben and his guests will discuss the policies and strategies that will decide the future of Republican party. In this inaugural podcast, Ben is joined by Ricochet’s Peter Robinson and Congressional Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI). They discuss how the party can best make the case to reclaim the centrist voter and combat the preconceived notions of the party that are reenforced by the media. Also, Congressman Ryan discusses how his Catholic faith informs his political beliefs, and how we must fight the progressive policies that make it harder for people to succeed and prosper. It’s a fascinating and optimistic conversation that will remind everyone that the future does indeed look brighter than the recent past. 

We’ll post a subscription link to this podcast soon. In the meantime, use this direct link or the player above. 

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